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I have loved singing since the age of three when I first stepped on a stage and felt the energy of the crowd.  I have been surrounded by music throughout my life,  professionally singing with my family all across Canada, working with many talented artists in a variety of bands, and now singing solo.  I feel such a rush when I see the joy my talent brings to others .
My music has allowed me to experience many different countries and has introduced me to some of the most talented musicians in the industry.  Appearing  live on stage, in videos, on radio and creating a variety of albums has deepened my understanding of how I can reach people with my music.  
My music is heartfelt.  I give my all in every performance and I know that my audience is feeling the power in the music right along with me.  Family and friends have been instrumental in helping me to be able to make my dreams become reality, with loving support and encouragement. 
Thanks to God, my creator, the one who has gotten me through the ups and downs on this road called life.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my gift with others and will continue to follow the path that has been laid out before me. I always stay positive no matter what I face in life..

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