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Brayden Ryle was born June 2006 in Clarksville Tennessee, a suburb of Music City U.S.A. Nashville. Brayden was introduced to music at birth, being the Son of Curt Ryle, a Nashville Record Producer/Songwriter and Studio musician. Brayden recorded his first original song at the age of 6 years old, and, shot his first video on that song entitled “Eye On You”. One week after the video aired on you tube, Brayden was invited to appear on the R.F.D. Network and was an over night sensation on the Shot Gun Red show. The show was seen by millions of people and Auburn University called asking Brayden to do his very first concert. At the age of 6, Brayden walked out on stage in front of a thousand people and Rocked the place! He is a very humble boy now at age 13, and has gone on to do amazing things. In 2017, he teamed up with Canadian Pop icon, Jadyn Rylee. They recorded an original song called “Only You” that has just surpassed 4 million views on You Tube. Brayden and Jadyn, were nominated by the Josie awards and were without a doubt, duet of the year! Jadyn won Best new female vocalist of the year. Together, they have released 3 more videos, entitled, “I'd give up my phone for you”, and, “Parachute”, with another video yet to be released. The two singers are not only great artists, they are truly best friends! Brayden and Jadyn are scheduled to do a concert together in NYC at the Bitter End this year, a very prestigious venue.

       In 2018, Brayden was asked to do a concert in Jesup Georgia. The promoter of the concert was intrigued by Big Matador Recording artists, Brayden Ryle and Elexis Reigns. The event was being promoted to help a children's organization called “Camp Hope”. A special song was written for the event, and Brayden and Elexis were asked to perform the song “Camp Hope”,  in a video that is now on You Tube. Together, Brayden and Elexis are the face and the voice of Camp Hope.

       Brayden is more than just a singer, he is an awesome entertainer and can woo an audience. Very comfortable in front of a microphone and a video camera. Brayden is about to release his first solo composition in 7 years called “Motions”. He will not only sing in this video, he will also show his dancing skills. Brayden has a new album called , Brayden Ryle, “Motions”. It has some truly amazing songs, including, all four of his duets with the amazing Jadyn Rylee. 

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