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I Grew up in Rural Chatham Ontario to a dairy farmers daughter in a rural community where learned to live off the land and a strong work ethic.   Church services on Sunday and participating as a choir member.   I bought my first guitar at age 28 and started back again into my music.   Writing and composing music along with the occasional gig here and there refined my piano and guitar skills.  

This song was engineered this via social distancing protocols and the video effort was launched by members of our community that are working hard to help stop the spread of Covid.    However, through this pandemic we have been innovative, solution based, agile, flexible, creative and trying our best.  As the dark days of Covid linger the lyrics of this song plead with everyone to do what you can so that we give another person the chance to be here on earth another day to love and take care of one another. 

Janice Desjarlais

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