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My name is Laurie Ellen Goetz. I have been singing since I was 3 yrs old. I sing a variety of genres but my heart belongs to Country music. As a shy young gal I was able to use music to express myself. In my younger years I sang with several bands throughout Ontario but realized I was a mother first and foremost and left the band life. Over the years, even during hard times I have never wished for my life to be perfect as life would no longer have anything to teach me! I have competed in many singing competitions over the years. One of my songs titled “Escape” off my CD ‘Crooked Love’ was from a recording session that I had won for placing 1st overall in an Ontario Singing Competition. Recently, I was invited to sing on live tv on the JR show in Nashville Tennessee. Very exciting! Singing is my passion whether it be competitively or leisurely. I am a Mother and a Kindergarten Educator. My family are my biggest fans, especially my Mother & Father growing up who taught me to follow my dreams. Singing for me, is my dream! Full heartedly, I present my passion for Country music each time I grace a stage. I am grateful to all my supporters and work hard to showcase the talent God blessed me with. I’ve always believed that with patience, dreams can become a reality. I believe that good things are always just around the corner and it’s time to chase that dream!   

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