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Hello fellow DJs and broadcasters.    This is Keith Bradford from radio station in Nashville, Tennessee.    Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, both current and favorite oldies, the stars and independents are heard during my 1 hour broadcast.  I also open up the phone lines talking to various people about every subject you can imagine, well maybe not EVERY subject.   I have decades of experience in the music industry stretching back to having been Kitty Wells band manager and bass player and being the founder of the Nashville Broadcasting Network.  

Samples of my show in MP3 format are available for you to give an ear to for consideration to be included in your station’s programming.  I also collaborating with Dan Knight of ,  Nashville Country TV, Steam Whistle Records and Airplay Now, on promoting Country music around the world and we are always looking to include other stations and call letters in our ongoing  promotions in a mutually beneficial advertising manner.

If interested contact me at or 615-445-9073 my cell or 615-612-3899 station number

Keith Bradford

Host of “Ya Gotta Luv It” radio show, video podcast, article contributor  for Nashville Country Music Magazine

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