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               Autobiography of Jeremy McDaniels              
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me                                    

Philippians 4 :13                                     

Jeremy McDaniels Born: January 5th, 1987 
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.

Jeremy McDaniels began his journey at the age of seven. Jeremy was the youngest member of the High Praise Gospel Group located out of St. Louis, Mo. The High Praise Gospel Group, ministered through music all over the St. Louis Metropolitan area, as well as adjacent States such as Illinois. Jeremy became the lead singer of the High Praise Gospel group, when the lead vocalist parted to further their academic career.
In 1995, The High Praise Groups was disbanded, and Jeremy adventured out on his own and became a solo vocalist. Jeremy as a solo artist sung all over the St. Louis area for local churches, banquets, and home goings. It was at this point that Jeremy gained recognition as a solo artist and began traveling outside of the St. Louis Metropolitan area with his pastor, as the opening praise set before the Sermon.
In 2001, Jeremy’s pastor wrote a song called “Crown of Life”, that was a major success and opened the opportunity for Jeremy to join another St. Louis Gospel Group, called the Kings of Joy. Jeremy was the youngest member of this group. During his 5-year ministry with the Kings of Joy, the group ministered all over Tennessee, Arkansas, and Illinois. In 2003, the group recorded their first album, “Jesus won’t let me fall”. In that same year Jeremy decided to go solo. In 2003 and 2004, as a solo artist Jeremy was blessed with the opportunity to open for the world-famous Jackson Southernaires and Texas Boyz, where he received honorable accreditation for these experiences. 
In 2010, Jeremy wrote his first solo album in which was dedicated to his late great grandmother Margaret McDaniels, who passed in the same year.
In 2018, Jeremy debuted his single “Just a while”. In 2019 Jeremy recorded “Fear” and in 2020 ‘Daddy’s Girl”.
Jeremy continues to minister through music with an intent to bring God’s people closer to HIM.

For more information on the artist, he can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook@ Jeremy McDaniels. 

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