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Hayley Verrall is a driven, passionate and eclectic award winning country singer/songwriter from Burlington, Ontario. 


Hayley's voice has been compared to those of Patsy Cline and Roseanne Cash, a reflection of the distinct and pure tones she inserts into every melody she sings while providing superb self-accompaniment on guitar. 


Hayley`s original songs (first EP 'You Ain't Seen Trouble Yet' (2014)) can be described as contemplative, yet bold and fun.  The melodies are catchy and dynamic and the lyrics are sassy and real, easily engaging listeners and inviting participation.  


Hayley is continuously working on new projects.  The topics and style of the songs have evolved, but all the materials feature her clarity of voice and harmonies, and her own profound and relatable lyrics paired with her original passionate, energetic and addictive melodies.

One of Hayley's biggest projects is Singing for Smiles. This project began in 2017 during her last year of college. A few years before her grandma had suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of her body, in which no one knew how much time she had left. When Hayley had brought out her guitar and started singing it was like  a miracle had happened. Singing for Smiles allows Hayley to go to a variety of retirement and nursing homes, sing old country classics and share her story.

Hayley has performed on shows with Burton Cummings, Dan Hill, Gil Grand, and Ryan Langdon.

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