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 Newcombe was born in Murphy’s Cove, on the Eastern Shore of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Coming from a large family of 9 children, he learned the value of family traditions. Neighbors and friends would gather for any occasion and here is where Fraser acquired his love of music. His father worked in lumber camps and at age 12, Fraser worked along side him. He attained his appreciation of natural resources at a very early age. Later, Fraser went into the flooring business for close to 30 years, only to progress into his own creation… “Fraser’s Wide Plank Flooring, Inc.” Fraser’s love for the forestry, fisheries, and Canada’s other natural resources, is emanated in his music. His strong passion for the preservation of these gifts, which he possesses, has led to his song writing.
Fraser’s easy-going persona and comical nature, affords his work as interesting, entertaining, and amusing. Guaranteed to please and surprise you at the same time. Never having taken a guitar or voice lesson, Fraser’s inspirations comes from classic legends such as Box Car Willie, Stompin’ Tom, Johnny Cash, and Hank Snow, just to name a few. He blends mixture of these ‘Greats’ into his own style bringing you a familiar and unusual rendition of ageless music.

Fraser has opened packed shows for artists such as Tommy Cash and George Hamilton IV. Fraser has played in Nashville at the famed Nashville Palace on Mother’s Day 2010.

Fraser’s latest accomplishment was a song written about a fellow Nova Scotian, Mr. Hank Snow. The song titled, Hank Snow and the Battery Radio has had great success and climbed to #15 on the top 40 country single chart with Cash Box Magazine.

Fraser has recently become a Cashbox Artist and his music can be purchased at Wal-Mart MP3 Music Downloads.

Six years ago, Fraser met his lovely wife, Johanna. She was the drive for this turn in his life. She surprised him with a recording session of his very first CD. It was such a success that he produced a second, a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and is now working on his seventh. Fraser now lives in the family home on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia with Johanna his wife of 13 years. He still maintains today that Johanna was the driving force behind his music success.

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