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I was born and raised in Sarnia Ont.A father of 4 children.Separated 20+ years.I started to sing when I was diagnosed with lung cancer.I was coughing up blood so went to the Drs.I was off on disability for quite a while and to rid my mind of all the stuff I was going through, I decided to start playing the guitar cause I knew a few chords from earliar years.One day I was looking up chords to a song an advertisement came up about this online karaoke site.I went and tried it and I was hooked after that and my hardships all the sudden started to leave my mind for a short time while I was singing.After that I joined the Canadian Conservatory of Music to learn how to play the songs I learnt to sing.Pete was my voice coach,guitar teacher and friend.We have written 2 songs together with Debra Jeffery my partner.I have also done a song in Windsor with Rob Polombo of 360 Entertainment and Walter Riggi of Riggi International the founders of the great Contest Raise Your Voice called I Dont Care,very big in Windsor and a lot of great talent compete.I had the honours twice to compete in it..I started singing later in years but now I sing with the best.Hope you all enjoy my music.Just want to mention my writing partner Debra Jeffery.We have been together going on 5 years and we have wrote 2 songs togetherThats it for now.

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